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It started with an ad on Facebook. So much do, these days.

My two cats, Bajas and Balthazar are going to have their tenth birthday this upcoming June.

They were born when the Norwegian National Soccer Team won 4 – 0 to Malta. I know this, because there was a big discussion in the family were the cats were born…four brothers were born that night, and every time Norway scored a goal. And every time the Norwegian team scored a goal, the dad in the family missed it, because he had been commanded to come back to the kitchen to assist in the cat birth…

My cats were only eight weeks when they left the soccer-family, and they have never seen a soccer game since.




They were two grey cute kittens when they moved in, and three weeks later, they were big kittens. And today they are big, grey cats that keep order in our part of our street. Just across the road, a little dog called Fox leaves. He moved in four years ago, and he has a cat sister. So when he saw my two cats on the staircase, he came over – to say hello and play, probably, but Bajas and Balthazar did not receive him in any playful manner.. It’s been four years, and still, every night when my neighbour walks her dog, he stops at our driveway, and pull his leg up, pretending to be hurt. And they don’t precede their evening walk before she picks in up and carry him home. 4 years.

My cats don’t make any noise, but they follow his moves closely, every night. 4 years.

2013-10-18 12.15.21


When my cats want to come in, they try to make me open our main door. But if I’m not in the kitchen, I don’t hear them. So they go around the house, and up on a fence. From there, they have these acrobatic moves, that I now fear they are starting to get too old and too fat for.. They jump, from the fence, and up on my satellite dich and then into our balcony. They use the satellite dish as a trampoline. It’s quite impressing, both to watch and to hear.

It also leaves me without TV-signals most of the time. Now, that is normally not a problem, I usually watch Netflix, but once in a while, there are nights that I would like to watch a program. All I have to do that, is to find my pink screw-driver, – yes of course it’s pink, and it has flowers on – lean over the balcony and adjust my satellite dish right, so I can watch my program. Usually, this works. Not if it’s raining dogs, though, my satellite don’t like rain, and as mentioned, my cats are no fan of dogs either. Pun intended.

And it’s not working in the middle of the winter, but that is usually a snow-related problem. And in the summer, the threes in my garden might steal too much of the signals… But other than that, I can easily fix my TV signals with my screw-driver. And I will watch the program on TV, until one of my cats decides to jump on my satellite again. Usually this is when the film get interesting, or I just sat down to watch a concert. I like Netflix. And I like my cats. Sometimes they are not my favourites, but usually they are.

One of my nephews said when he was 16, that if he could choose, he would return as a cat in my house for his next life… And yes, I think they have what they need.



Especially now: Because they now have their own doorbell. As I started to say, it started with an ad on Facebook. The cat doorbell! First I laugh about it, but then my big-brother cat Bajas fell down because of the snow, and could not jump…So I fell for the ad, and ordered the doorbell .It’s a censor, that I installed outside, still with help of my pink screw-driver. And a box that light up and play “Pink Panther” theme every time my cats go in the censor-zone. It works! Really well. This Saturday, my cats went in and out the main entrance four time each! I love it, they love it.


Of course, others might trigger the censor as well. Like just now, both I and my cats are inside, and suddenly the Pink Panther theme music played in the living room. We al ran to the door, but since I saw the Fox dog outside, I did not open it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, my cats have a doorbell. And they use it, they love it. And I love that there is a function that says silence as well. Night-modus and for days where they really can’t decide, in or out?