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Everyone has an area in their home where they feel truly relaxed

I think we all have a favourite place in our homes that we feel particularly drawn to. For one person that might be the kitchen table because that is the place they enjoy seeing everyone come together as a family to eat and talk.

Another person might relish time spent on the living room sofa, which they associate with the relaxation that comes at the end of a busy day.

Some of us only feel truly relaxed as we walk around our garden, while others have a table and chair in a sun-drenched spot where they feel most alert.

It’s a very individual thing. And it might change – by season or by life situation in general.

I made a new reading nook for myself a week ago, and I love it! There is one problem, though, I’m not the only one that loves it…


So, what about you? What is your favourite place at home? And do you have to fight for it?