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One week into this New Year, I’m still a bit puzzled everytime I write 2017, and I’m still enjoying the thought of new beginnings. It’s very common to think new beginnings in January; there are professions that relish because of our need to start again. Check your local gym, for starters, there are close to none available personal trainers right now. Just wait a couple of weeks, and some (like myself) will have given up, and you might take their spot…

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but I like to think of new beginnings. There might not be too much difference between those two statements, but I don’t like the feeling of failure, so no New Year’s Resolutions. The new beginnings, on the other hand, are just things I would like to do, or things I do, but I would like to do more. Like; I would like to use 2017 to read more books. I read last year, I’ve been reading since I was five years old, and there is nothing better than to loose oneself into a story and get to know the personages and surroundings. Everytime I read a good book, I ask myself why I don’t do this more often… The answer: Well, time? No, that’s not true; I have enough free time, to read all the books I cherish.  It’s time management that is my problem, all the time I don’t realize I could read. Well, yesterday, I did something that could be an inspiration to read more. I made myself a pink reading nook!


I also looked into some blogs that were writing about reading challenges, and I’m thinking of maybe trying something like that.

Another thing I would like to do more of in 2017 is to write on my blog again. I’m the first one to admit that 2016 was not a great year on this blog. And I have to say that while my posts last year, were random and few, I personally had a great year. So when I look back now, I feel a bit like a bad friend. I’ve been writing this blog since Norway suffered the terrible attack from one of our own, in July 2011. One month after the attack, I wrote my first blog-post. I needed to express myself, and I needed a place to explain what had happened. For myself, mostly, and for some of my foreign friends, that had contacted me to check that me and my family were ok.

During the years, my blog has been with me through some tough times; death of my loved ones and unemployment. It has also been there when I got my first book published, and when life treated me kind again.  And when I got my second book published, the one which included my Moms poems. I have blogged about my writing, my life and a little bit of everything. Proud moments, embarrassing moments, moments to remember and moments to laugh, I’ve blogged about them all.

This first week of the year 2017, I’ve been thinking of what to do with this blog. My blogging from last year shows me that it has not been so important for me lately, to express myself and to maintain this blog. But then again, should I just stop?  Nah, I think I want to keep it on the list on things I would love to do more of in 2017. I would like to write more.

So there it is. I would like to read more. And I would like to write more.

I should include that I would like to exercise more on my list. I should. But, that would be a more New Year’s Resolution, one I have had and failed to comply many times before. So I keep that one out, at least for today.

I would like to be more creative also. I decorated this vase instead of dusting yesterday. It was fun, I enjoyed it, and it went great with my other pink stuff in my new nook.


This morning my cat had reorganized it though. We’ve both agreed that we leave the dusting till another day.