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Today is May 1st, and it’s a day of tradition and joy in a lot of countries, mine included. It’s also the first day of this month that every student fear a bit, the month of exams… Since I went back to the university last fall, I’ve had my eyes on the month of May as the month where I’m going to conclude it all.

alarm clock

And the day started off well, or sort of well. Being full of optimism last night I set my alarm on 7 this morning, so that I could get an early start before and read a lot before I had an online studydate at 10 with my studygroup. Well, I was awake at a quarter to seven, so I silenced the alarm before it went on, and I kind of went back to sleep. Around 8 I let out the cat, and I was planning on taking my shower, but I went back to bed for just 1 second.

Pink champagne poppingAt 10 I woke up, by my messanger-noice on the ipad, my studyfriends wondering if I was going to log on… And up I went, and logging on to a computer is never so slowly as when you’re doing it to late, and others are waiting on you…. Well, I was finally on, and after a good 20 minutes we had delivered our rapport that is due Monday. It’s actually our bachelor rapport, so I was proud and relieved and felt like popping a bottle of champagne. But of course, I was sensible, at 10.30 in the morning a glass of juice seemed more appropriate. I put the tv on, just to be entertained as I ate a late breakfast/early lunch before starting on my real studying of the day.

Now that the bachelor assignment is in, I only have an oral couching exam and a written exam in another subject to worry about. The couching exam is on my own rapport, so I’ve decided to concentrate my reading on the other subject this weekend. My plan for today was to read through one of the main books in our curriculum and make notes, and then make 5 mind maps out of the notes.


So after breakfast I sat down to start my studying. I only had to make a phone-call first, I have a friend going through some tough times right now. Well, since my breakfast was at 11, my phonecall came in the middle of her lunch, and we spoke through it. I was a bit puzzled that the time was 1 o’clock when we hang up, but then again, I did have the whole rest of the day to study.

Only, I was still in my pj’s, since I went straight from bed to my online study-group… So I just had to take a quick shower before starting for real. The thing is, that I was feeling a bit cold after the long phone-conversation, and I needed a nice, hot and long shower. When I went out of the shower I saw my new hairmask, that I’ve been meaning to try. hairmaskSo I did. When I read on the package after I had put it into my hair, (yes, I sometime read the instructions after I do something) I realized that this was the kind of haircure that you had to leave in the hair for 45 minutes. Well, I had the time, right? I could easily read with the hairmask. But before I went upstairs again to do so, I just had to fold a lot of freshly washed laundry. And make my bed. Neatly. And since I was tidying up my bedroom, I thought I’d just should wash the floor as well.

There was a lot going on under my bed.  If I’ve had any monsters living there, they probably left the place weeks ago, because of the state of their home. Things that have been lost for a long time, things I had forgot, things my nieces have asked for, a lot of things that should never been mentioned and a lot of dust. I was glad I took this time to get it really cleaned up under there.

under the bed

When I was finished, I accidentally saw my reflection in a mirror, and remembered the haircure. Well, it seems that those hairmasks that are supposed to stay in your hair for 45 minutes, turns into some kind of cement after a good two hours. I had to stay in the shower for a really long time, and I actually was surprised to see that I had some hair left when I got out.

I finally had my hair wet and straight, I was dressed and my bedroom was all tidy. I thought about cleaning my bathroom as well, but I restrained myself, it was time to get serious about this reading! So I went upstairs and turned my computer on again. And I checked my facebook. It turns out I have 3 friends that have their birthdays today. So I just had to write a small note for two of them. The third one is a much closer friend, so I called her. I was planning on leaving a voicemail, but she answered, and we chatted for a while. When I got off the phone, I realized I was really hungry.

kendall jennerI only made myself a sandwich, no use In wasting valuable study-time on making dinner. I put on the TV and watched the Kardashians while I was eating, and I opened my book the minute Kendal Jenner was finished walking down the runway. Only I was a bit peckish. The one sandwich was not enough, and when I thought about it, food is an essential part of the studying, how can I plan to learn anything if I’m hungry?

Half an hour and one episode of Modern Family later, I was ready to start reading. I did for five minutes, and then I received a text from my friends. They are going away for a week, and I’m going to feed the cat. So I need to go there now, to get instructions and to pick up the key. And maybe a glass of wine, for like my friend says: “You will not stay in studying on a Friday night. Not after a whole day of studying!”

Thank God is Friday! I have the whole weekend to study. Except Sunday, I’ve made plans. And tomorrow is Saturday, so I will do some shopping. But other than that; Only Studying!