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2015-01-01 00.55.20

Twenty days into the new year… We have already stopped wishing each other Happy New Year, Christmas has been cleared out for weeks, New year’s resolutions probably broken, and most of us  are adapting to the year of 2015.


For me, 2015 started epic with close friends and unexpected pleasures, and then reality hit me, and a lot of those people I keep close, when we lost our youth and childhood mentor and x-tra Mama to that dreadful cancer.  This weekend has been filled with tears and emotions, music and memories.


The contrast between New year’s eve and this evening made me think of all the beautiful memories we pack with us in our suitcases, when we are continuing our journey into those blanc and unused days laying ahead.

I hope that we all can look forward to a year filled with joy and good experiences, so we have those to collect, and to live on, when the days gets more emotional and difficult to live through.

I hope to embrace every new day, with enthusiasm and expectations.

Like this little girl, waiting for her guests to arrive for her birthday party.

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