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Last week I was staying with some of my best friends, and I enjoyed their hospitality and the freedom of being in a place almost like paradise, both for humans and for animals…2014-02-24 12.18.23

The Goat Lina found a moment of freedom… and something that must have felt like heaven for her…

2014-02-24 12.17.18

2014-02-24 12.18.15

But, how long was Adam in Paradise? Well, I can’t answer that, but when Linas “Mom” found out, this was quickly resolved…

2014-02-25 12.20.08

2014-02-25 12.19.36

2014-02-25 12.20.31

Well, I think Lina enjoyed her moment of freedom,,,, and now she can relive the meal and the moment in her mind…. And she is not hungry 😉