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Last night I met

a little girl

who should not

have been out

on her own

in our cruel world

A little girl

with eyes who had seen

too much for her age

Too much that had been

too much

No child

should go hungry

or be cold and alone

The cruelty of our world

took your innocence away

I would tell you stories

and give you a place to stay

But these are my worries

You’re already gone

Away from us

who left you alone

We failed to protect you

and now we only

see the sand

with your small footprints

before an angel

took your hand

and you were out of reach

for any hostile man

This night I saw

an angel

with sad eyes

Looking into

our cruel world

and for a moment

she stayed and gave warmth

To a young girl

who needed a new home

Ellen Gill Johannessen

2014-01-27 16.18.29