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Sometimes I wonder, why do I write?

And my instant answer is;

  • I write to clear my head.
  • I need to write, because I have some many stories in my head.
  • I’m afraid there will be no room for normal brain activity, if I don’t clear some room, and write down my stories from time to time.
  • I write because I can choose the world my characters live in.
  • I write because I can choose my feelings when I write.
  • I write because I love putting everything into a system.
  • When I write, I create a place that is only mine.
  • When I write, I cry sometimes.
  • When I get emotional involved with my characters in my story, I really need to know what will happen to them next. That’s why I keep on writing.
  • When I write, I get frustrated.
  • When I write, I get confused, and my emotions are on a roller-coaster.
  • I love roller-coasters.
  • I don’t always love to write.
  • I always love to have written.
  • The majority of my life happens inside my head.
  • The world inside of my head needs some organizing.
  • I write to organize.
  • I write to live.
  • I live to write.