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This winter I’ve been so happy we had a green winter. For the first time in years, we were not buried in snow, and I have not been using half of my spare time to shuffle snow and the other half on getting my back to function again.

This winter has been great. I have not had any accidents with my car, and I’ve found my car every day. I must admit, I have heard some of my friends wishing for snow, talking about the great pleasure they find in skiing and how decorative the snow is… And I’ve quickly removed them from my contact-lists!

Well, this last week, someone has shown me that my former-friends have had better contacts with the weather-makers, because their wishes have been granted. And not only have we now snow, all the snow that were supposed to come bit by bit over the winter season, have now arrived. And continues to arrive, as we speak…

I want to scream and I can’t understand why people can’t learn: Careful What You Wish For!

Because when you wish for snow, you wish for days like these:


This is what we get:


And it’s a lot of hard work to find your car:


And I admit, snow can be decorative, especially in gardens:


Well, this is my garden today:

2014-01-22 14.45.11

2014-01-22 14.45.17

2014-01-22 14.45.57

2014-01-22 14.45.30

Yoy see the pawtracks from my cats, maybe they like to play in the snow?

2014-01-22 14.45.42

Well, neither of them like this white stuff, anyway. You can see he screams “Let me in!”

bajassnow2And his brother was not playing, he hits the snow!


So, this is todays message: Be Careful What You Wish For! Christmas is far far away even if it seems like we live in a Christmas Card right now.

This is an illusion:

snowchristmasThis is real: