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Happy                   -to see the final result of the writing and editing process

Humble                 -to be allowed to publish my poems

Humble                 – to be allowed to include my Moms poems as well

Excited                  -to see the cover and how well it works for my book

Grateful                -to have my best friend and her mom as cover models

Glad                       -to have my second book published

A bit sad               -that I never thought of doing this while my Mom still was

with us

Wishing                -I could talk to her right now

Hoping                  -for a telephone connection to heaven

Hoping                  -the rest of my family will appreciate the book

Hoping                  -people will like the book

Happy                   -to get this experience

Scared                  -to once again get my inner thoughts published

Scared                  -to put my neck out there

Humble                  -to be in a lyrical dialog with my Mom

Proud                    -to read my words in a published book

Happy                   -to do this book as a mom/grown daughter project

Excited                 -to hold my book

Glad                       -my book was finished by Christmas

Hoping                  -people will show up to my signing event tomorrow

Excited                 -to see how well my two books suit each other 🙂

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