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Two weeks ago I got the message I was hoping for from my publisher; YES! They said yes to publish my second book, and we still have hope to do so before Christmas.

The new book is a new book of poems, and this time the poems are divided into five themes. My first book was also a book of poems, called “3898 words about life”

Earlier this year, me and my siblings emptied and cleaned out our childhood home, because my Dad moved into a retirement apartment. In this process we found a lot of our childhood memories, and I have written a little bit about it here. We also found several of my Moms poems and songs that she’s been writing over the years.

My siblings gave me all of those, saying “take care of these” and I put them in a corner table in my living room and in a corner of my mind. Late this summer I started reading the poems and I was stunned by the beauty of my Moms writing. There were poems she had been writing before she got married to my Dad in 1955. And there were poems she has written as a response on the war in Vietnam, the assassination of President Kennedy and when hunger, tsunamis and international politics have left innocent people suffer.

In an attempt to share these poems with my siblings and her grandchildren, I started copying them into a word-document. That’s when I realized that the way I write poems, is similar to my Moms technique. And what we have written about is also in resemblance, even though I have not written so much about international affairs, I have a poem about Malala, and we have both written about the how we need to do more to help suffering children and their families.

So this book is a book of two voices, my mom’s and mine. 50 poems from 60 years, written from 1953 – 2013. I’m so excited about this project and so proud. And I know my Mom would have been as proud and as happy, hopefully she knows.

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