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I like to write. Some days I even love to write. I want to make my days full of writing opportunities. And some days I don’t like to write. Some days I don’t even think I can write.

But I always love to have written. (ref: Gloria Steinem)

How can I make my writing become a great story, instead of ramblings around a good idea?

I have days where my writing just keep going, my fantasy feed my story with new ideas and great conversations, themes and plots come effortless up on my computer screen. And then there are times where all I get from my fantasies are other people’s ideas, things I’ve read before, and words that have been used in the same contexts by others.

I just read the first chapter of my book again, and met clichés where I thought I had put originality.  I know what I want to say, but I need to find a way to say it sharper. And in between my good ideas, I need to tell the rest of the story. Today I find it hard. I don’t know how to continue. Should it be so hard? Should I give up?

The only reason I can’t give up today, is that I need to know the rest of my story. If I don’t write it, I will never know. And I need to know. So I need to write.

I don’t always like to write. But I love to have written.