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Do you use lists to get the hang of your schedules? Have you ever felt like your “What-to-do-list” is ruling your life and ruining your days? No? Well, me neither, but I came close today.

I love my lists, and I make one for almost every day. They include everything, from exercising goals to grocery lists, and of course who to contact, when to do it etc. And my “what-to-do-list” always includes some points on writing.

My list of today was quite simple I was going to the gym in the morning, home again and start writing. Write a blogpost for one of my blogs; place some comments on other people blogs concerning the same topic. Then I was supposed to continue writing on my manuscript for the rest of the day. I needed to make some appointments as well; service for my car, collecting prizes on fixing my roof – it rained inside a couple of days ago – and I had to pay some bills. And I should clean my house a bit, at least vacuum my bedroom…

What I like about my “what-to-do-list” is the crossing out part: “what I’ve done” list.


And today started out fine, I put a cross at number 1 when I came back from the gym. Then I had a shower, ate my second breakfast, and started writing. Or, I open the file of my manuscript. And I did write the blogpost. I had to take some photos to go along with that post, and I posted some comments on other people blogging about books today. And all of a sudden three hours had gone, and I took my lunch break. Normally I take a 30-60 minutes break, sometimes its 60 minutes because I watch an episode of NCSI. I did that today. Then I realized that I had skipped Friday’s episode, so I watched that first. Then yesterday’s episode.

Then I went back to my “what –to-do-list” I was awaiting a response from a friend with a yahoo-mail account, and they apparently had some problems today with changing servers or something, because my e-mail was left un-responded.  So I blame everything that happened, or did not happened from that point of on yahoo.

I did open my file with the manuscript. Then I made the mistake of looking through my what-to-do-list again. And I started to make some phone calls. I made appointments, for me, my pets, my car, my house, well almost every aspect of my life. And I did not write on my manuscript.

I had to run some errands after making all this appointments. This was not on my what-to-do-list, but Mr Vet needed me to bring some medicine for tomorrow’s cat- appointment, I needed more choices for my roof fixing team, when do we not need food?

2013-09-11 16.55.18

“The Vet? No, that’s not on my what-to-do-list!”

When I came back, I checked my “what-to-do-list” again, and it was a disappointment to realize that it had only become longer, not shorter, and I had nothing to cross out. Seeing the time, I quickly moved everything concerning chores and cleaning the house away, I’ll do that tomorrow.

I open the file of my manuscript again, and wrote about 25 words. Then a neighbour came, to discuss the new cottage of a third neighbour, I did not agree with her complains so this conversation took over an hour. Before I started writing again, I got on my bank site, to pay my bills. They were few, but huge, especially since I drove to fast a couple of days ago…the cruel fine got me completely out of my good mood. And I still was waiting for yahoo to fix their e-mail problems.

So here am I. I’ve had my “what-to-do-list” for fourteen hours, and it’s not halfway done. But I’m done. I’m the master of my list, and even though it may have ruined my day, it will not take my evening as well.

I’ll make a new list for tomorrow.