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Photo from Pixmac.com

Photo from Pixmac.com

One of the most embarrassing things I can think of is grown up women arguing and bickering in public places, or any places, actually. I think everyone agree, so this is not an extraordinary view.

What’s extraordinary is that today I was one of those women! I can’t believe this, I’m partly ashamed and partly just high on life right now, and I don’t understand how I managed to get couth up in this!

My day started brilliantly, and I went to the gym early. It was only me and three women my age present, and I just said hello, and started on my work-out routine.  When the tree women, all around 40+ in age, all engaged in a back talking conversation, I really tried to keep out of it, and just continued my program.

The topic of their conversation was the young and beautiful receptionist at the gym. She’s a foreigner, 22 years old and has just recently married the owner of the gym. The women had plenty to say about every aspect of her, and I felt bad. Their narrow views highlighted the stupidity of their gossip conversation, and I told myself just to ignore them. I tried, but at one point I rolled my eyes, and there I was engaged…

We were quickly arguing, the three of them against me, because I pointed out the fact that I didn’t know the receptionist, and neither did they.

I said something about her being young, beautiful and talented, and asked if they weren’t just a little bit jealous and bitter? Yeah, that didn’t help.

A recap of the conversation from that point would be like this:

Woman 1: What the h……#¤%%%(&¤%& do you mean by that, who the f…. &%/¤%(¤ do you think you are.
Woman 2: /()%&(()=?)/?¤%&/#&/%()%)
Woman3: You’r that f………….¤%&/#/% writer, aren’t you? Thinking you are so f…..&/¤%&()&=/= better than everybody else…

Me: I don’t see any point in continuing this conversation, when I speak to grown-ups I expect them to use full sentences.

Woman 1: What the h….#¤%%%(&¤%& do you mean by that, who the f…….&%/¤%(¤ do you think you are?
Woman 2: /()%&(()=?)/?¤%&/#&/%()%)

Woman 3: Me jealous on that white trash? Oh you are f…   ¤%&/#/% kidding me, patronizing b…¤%&//%(&&& We are too though for you, you’re afraid of us!

Me: Not at all, you all both speak and act like trolls, and as I said when I speak to grown-ups I expect them to use full sentences.

Woman 1: I use my %&//&/%&¤#  swear words to express myself

Me: that’s just plain stupid.

Woman 1: What the f… ##”%&/%/&&), are you saying I’m stupid?

Me: No, you are saying you are stupid! If you need to express yourself with bad language like that, it only means that you don’t have the vocabulary to express your feelings. And that means that you haven’t read enough. And living in this country (that’s a punch because they were very upset that the receptionist was a foreigner) and not been reading enough, well that’s just plain stupid…

At this point in the conversation, they were all screaming abusive things to me, and I called them out on their hypocritical gossip, and proposed that they all went to the library… I do believe I also called them clowns and apes, I asked if they had run off from the circus or the zoo!

As I left, one of them yelled: “Oh, the fat writer is going home to write about us!” I know I should have gone, but I did turn around, saying sassy: “Oh no, I just write about important stuff”

I know the wise thing would have been to say nothing. The right thing would have been to say what I said in the start, and then nothing more.

I disagreed in their gossiping, and my reaction was honest. I also stand by my words of grown up women using bad language and swearing. I think that is so disgusting, and as I repeatedly said stupid…

I know I should not have rolled my eyes at them. Calling them trolls, apes and clowns, is not the intelligent thing to do, nor is it who I want to be. But rather that person, than one of the grown up gossip girls….

I know I said I didn’t want to write about them, but this is more to shake this morning off, writing it off as a paranormal event at the gym. It’s a little bit about my hurt feelings. And it is a lot about integrity and standing up to the bullies.

And one of the most embarrassing things I can think of is still grown up women arguing and bickering in public places. I’m one of those…