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As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I simply LOVE Zenos Frudakis Freedom Sculpture. There is something so inspirational by artists that manage to touch me – and many others- in so many levels.

Earlier this  year another sculpture of freedom emerged when One Woman Rising, The Chelko Foundation Art Project was installed topping the hill on Freedom Park at the intersection of Freedom Parkway and Moreland Avenue in Atlanta, GA.


Fabricated by Atlanta artisan Phil Proctor , assisted by Geo Brenick (Geo4Design), the abstract sculpted dancing woman speaks to the celebration of woman’s release from bondage and her dynamic move into a new creative space. The statue radiates the grace of the feminine form and is painted by World Champion body painters, Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco (Living Brush Bodypainting).


Proctor’s sculpture shows the woman dancing and freeing herself from mental and physical bondage and into freedom.

I so enjoy this beautiful dancing woman who graces the hill… she is a symbol of empowerment.

one woman rising 4

one woman rising 2one woman rising 3