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anniversaryI just got a message from WordPress that today is my two-year anniversary of blogging.

Two years ago, I started writing on this blog as a reaction on the terrible terrorist attack in our country on July 22.2011. I needed a place to went my feelings and to tell the world that we were all right. My family was contacted by friends all over the world, who wanted to give their support and loving concern. I needed a place to react, and I did it by this blog. It was the beginning.

I wanted to write in English, mostly because I went through rough period, and needed to focus on something fun and challenging. It was also a way to continue keeping in touch with friends and family members living abroad.

Then I accidental made a lot of American mothers angry with me, when I wrote a blogpost stating that the children pageant competitions had gone way too far. I had just watched an episode of the reality show “Toddlers and Tiaras” and saw a magazine cover ask “Have they gone too far?” When I wrote that this was the “understatement of the year” I kind of got a lot of angry comments. And my blog got a lot of readers.isabella barret 

My blog, EllenGry, has never been in a clear niche, it’s been a personal blog, but not private. Last year I wrote more about the process of writing, and publishing, at the same time that I got to outlive a dream, and my first book was published.

3898 ord om livet 1

I started a Norwegian blog, staying stricter to one (or two) niches, writing about the process of writing and about books more in general.  Since my book was Norwegian, I needed a place to write about it in Norwegian. Having said that, I continued to share articles on this blog, about the book, and the attention I got.

When there was a historical package that would be open after 100 years, I wrote a little article about it, and got a lot of attention, creating my “best ever views” – day.

The mysterious package in Sel kommune, Norway

The mysterious package in Sel kommune, Norway


I also got a lot of attention for my Random act of Kindness period. 

act of kindness

Lately I feel I’ve been blogging more trough pictures and photos.


I like that, but it was strangely fulfilling to write the Open Letter last week. I do like to write about childhood memories, and I think that some of my articles get great response just because I write about normal situations that people recognize and remember.

So here I am, two years of blogging. My blog has had over 61 000 views, and I have 230 followers.

I am grateful for each and one of you, that have read my blog, and I will continue writing.

As a Happy Anniversary gift to my readers, I will give away two exemplars of my book, “3898 ord om livet” witch translates to “3898 words of life” I would recommend that you are able to read Norwegian to participate, but that’s up to you. Google translate might work on my poems…

To participate in this Anniversary Giveaway you simply leave a comment. The winners will be selected by lottery on Saturday September 1.st.  


O’Mally the cat will be keeping his book, but if you want my book, you just simply leave a comment, and you might win a book with 3898 words about life.