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I have a picture on my wall that has followed me the last 15 years of my life.


It was a gift from a good friend, and it was given at a time I needed encouragement. I don’t remember what I needed encouragement for, at that time, in my mid-twenties, I think I remember myself as invincible. My friend’s gift tells me otherwise, and as I’ve grown older, I think I’ve let the world around me be my mirror instead of following the advice and rule of this picture.

What matter most is how you see yourself! Isn’t that the core truth?

I sometimes wonder when we stop looking at ourselves in the mirror and see a fantastic person reflected there.


These last weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time with a beautiful little baby girl of ten months. And whenever she looks at herself in a mirror or at an Ipad, she laughs and truly expresses her enjoyment and excitement. I think she sees herself, exactly as the little kitten.

My little goddaughter of four year old also spends some time in front of the mirror. And I believe she looks at a perfect little princess, when she sees herself in her mirror. Or the mirror we create for her.


Both little girls smile when they look at themselves in the mirror. Both little girls get daily confirmation that they are loved and they are perfect as they are. And I believe they both look in the mirror and see themselves as the best they can be.

They have not yet been judged by the harsh world around them. Or maybe they have, but they have not learned how to consider any of that cruelty. They haven’t realized the comments and images that lead to insecurity and low self-esteem.

It’s my hope that they will keep smiling to themselves for a very long time, and I dream that we have been able to build their confidence so strong that when they one day meet something or someone that will put them down, they will react like the kitten; What matters most is how you see yourself!

And as an extra note to myself: That goes for a grown up woman too! And for you, my friend!