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When my book first came out last October, I had a question from one of my readers on this blog that I didn’t     quite understand. She asked if I had been inspired by Suri’s Burn Book cover, and I answered truthfully that I didn’t know of the book mentioned.

Last week I got the question from another reader, and I had to look into the alleged similarity. I have to admit, I was not aware of Allie Hagans book, “Suri’s burn book”.  I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that she uses her blog, and she has turned this into a book, as well, on publishing pictures of celebrity children, funny captured with sarcastic remarks from the blogs voice, Suri Cruise. The blog and the book is said to be “A study in Suri and the people who disappoint her.”

I must admit, she is funny, and I spent some time looking at the blogs 80 pages of “well-dressed commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart”. And weather I like the way Allie Hagan uses her writing talent is beside the point here.

The questions from my readers were if I had been inspired by the cover of “Suri’s Burn Book”, and I must say no, I didn’t know about the book. And even though I see the similarity between them, we both use legs, I see them as unique and catchy on their own.

“Suri’s burn book” is pink and glossy, and has a little girl, probably Suri?, featured on it, as a faschonista and style icon.

My book cover has been called eye-candy by the Norwegian press, and I’m proud to be the designer behind the idea. I’m also the photographer, and the legs belong to my very best friend, Ingrid. The book title can be translated into 3898 words about life, and I wanted to show a woman walking through life.

What do you think? Do the two book covers resemble?



Suri cover

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