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Tomorrow is the last day of January. I find that thought a bit scary. Not for nothing, I’m kind of glad that the month of January is over, because that means that we are a month closer too autumn. Then again, I’ve always thought of January as the month of new beginning. And this year, well, I haven’t had the start I wanted.

This first month of this New Year has been a bit like waiting for a date that turns out to be a no show. To bee stood up by a whole month, that’s not a good thing. There have been some moments, though. I found my keys on the first day of January. They got lost the day before Christmas, and I had given up on them, when I spotted them right outside of my house, under the ice. I had to use a spade and a bucket of warm water to get them out of the snowy ice, and this start made me look forward to the future days and weeks with expectations of greatness. Well, I’ve spent an oval weekend with my great heartfriend and her family, but since I came home from that trip the 7.th of January, this month has more or less behaved like a spoiled teenager. There have been days with moody weather, snowstorms followed by rainy days. The result of that: Icy roads and car crash. There have been days with cold weather, I mean Icy cold weather, followed by rainy milder days. The result of that: nights without sleep because of feverish shivering’s and the urge to chough every minute.

Enough about the weather, my main concern about January is that I see in retrospect that it has been a month filled with days were my plans didn’t work and days were I didn’t work. Maybe I can’t blame the month of January for this, maybe I was the spoiled teenager. Even though my teenager years ended at the end of 1989.

Never the less, tomorrow is the last day of January. So, while I always try to live without regrets, I look forward to next month. Farwell, Miss January, welcome mr.February!



This is the state of nature when you arrive, Mr. February. The ground is pretty much covered with snow, most of the river and lakes are frozen. But, the snow is off the trees, and today the sun made my heart think of warmer, lighter and nicer days to come.

My goal for this month, Mr.February, is to write something every day. I bid you welcome, Mr.February, please bring me some inspiration along with more sunny days.