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snow candleThe news of yesterday’s school shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut leaves us all both angry and confused, but most of all in an incredible sad place. My heart pounds for the families who lost their love ones. My thoughts and prayers go to those parents, families and the Newtown community affected by this tragedy. And to the US nation, I want to tell you all that we cry with you and share your grief today.

The thought of a gunman entering an elementary school, killing 26 people, 20 of them children, is unbearable and unbelievable. Yet, it’s true, and this tragedy is followed by a lot of difficult questions.

I believe that yesterday’s terrible action were one of the deadliest schools shooting ever happened, and every time we hear about tragedies like this we are left with greave and unbelievable sadness.

The Connecticut killings remind me, and a lot of other Norwegians, of the killings that took place at Utøya, Norway last year. We all know how incredible hard it is to move on from such a devastating tragedy. I know words are not enough, and I wish I knew how to help. Please be kind to each other and take good care of each other.

snow candles