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Member of Sarah Jessica Parker’s entourage halted at airport – fined for petty theft….

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

Last night Sarah Jessica Parker was co-hosting the Nobel Peace Prize Concert together with Gerard Butler, and she did a great job. Maybe she should be more involved in the hiring process of her own entourage?

Norwegian newspapers reports that the  police confirms a person in Sarah Jessica Parkers entourage was halted at Oslo airport Gardermoen after reports of theft. What? You are working with Carrie, and you don’t pay for your sunglasses? I thought this had to be a joke, but apparently not…

– I can confirm that we have fined one person in the entourage of Sarah Jessica Parker after theft of a pair of sunglasses, police spokesperson Jon Letnes told the Norwegian newspaper VG.

The person was fined 8000 Norwegian kroners (£900) and accepted the fine.

Sarah Jessica Parker was, as mentioned, in Oslo to host the Nobel peace prize concert held Tuesday, with international stars such as Kylie Minogue, Seal and Ne-Yo.

Apparently TMZ reports that the alleged shoplifter was working for the Nobel Peace Prize. That is not correct, according to Dag Hvaring, Head of Business Development for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

– The person is not employed by Nobel, says Hvaring to the Norwegian newspaper VG

An eye witness has reported about the incident.

– Police and security personnel approached the woman and asked her to show them the contents of her purse. They then pulled out a pair of sunglasses, the witness said.

As result the flight to New York was allegedly delayed by one hour.

Talk about bad day at work….