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pizap.com10.023181516677141191354714992021We are in the Christmas season. It was to be expected, the stores have been telling us about this upcoming holiday since October, and after the shells were cleared of Halloween costumes and gadgets, the gnomes, Santa clauses and angels moved in. Yes, and the reindeers, mustn’t forget them.

I love Christmas! I do, but I don’t love all the hype around presents and forced traditions. I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday that were having a meltdown because her kids had ruined her day of Christmas baking. She always have a baking day on December 4.th because it’s two days before her own birthday, and as a family tradition they always makes the first Christmas cakes and fondants ready.

It sounds like a good tradition, but I imagine that it is a living hell. I’ve met her kids. And even though we all knew this, my friend experienced hands on that there is a time for Christmas baking with your kids, and there is a time where you want to move on. Or your kids want to move on. When they make decorations that have the shape of a penis instead of the usual angel, it’s time to let go of the tradition.

My friend regrets that she didn’t listen to the arguments before they started. She had this false tradition, and she forced her kids to endure yet another Christmas baking day, together with their grandmother, -her mother in law.

Now she’s really looking forward to spending Christmas together with the same Mother-in.law… Luckily there are twenty more days until Christmas. Her Mother-in.law has probably started smiling again before then. And maybe even her kids have stopped giggling.  20121201-105234.jpg