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A couple of days ago, I visited the local radio for a talk. It was supposed to be a simple interview on local radio to talk about my book, but it turned into something longer and wider about writing and creativity in general. With questions like “why poems?” and “do we need poetry at all?” the interviewer actually got me a bit on the defensive side in the beginning. I was surprised, but when I listen to the conversation now, I think I managed to keep a positive energy and a enthusiastic tone of voice. My answers were a bit all over the place, but so were his questions! 

I wanted to speak about my book in particular, and managed to get back to my favourite topic several times. I hear know that the interviewer actually seems a bit tired of my poems in the end, but hey, that’s why I was there.

We’re talking local radio. They are fans of replaying interviews there, so to speak. I’ve heard myself talking about why we need poetry three times, and every time he starts by saying: I have Ellen Gill Johannessen with me in the studio today… People that listen to this all day, might think that I’ve moved in! But it’s ok, no it’s great,,, it’s publicity, and my book needs that!

I thought writing the book was tricky. Now I’ve found out that writing the poems was the easy part. I am now promoted to a new job: Being the number one spoke person for my book.

It’s fun. And a bit scary. And kind of exhausting. But fun. Some disappointments in between. And some great exposure. There will be an article about me and my book in a local newspaper tomorrow. And the local radio will probably rerun my interview. And next week, there will be a new interview, this time in the biggest newspaper of our region, here in the south of Norway.

I’m grateful! I feel like screaming: Thank you for writing about my book, and talking about my book. And begging: Please: be a buyer of my book as well!

I’ve asked all my facebook friends to ask for my book in their local book stores.

It’s a book of poems, I know, they rarely hit the best-sellers lists. …But it’s my book of poems, and it’s really good and have a cute and eye candy cover.