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Today our local newspaper (Agderposten) had a short interview with me, under their by-line NAME OF THE DAY. I was hoping to focus on my upcoming book, “3898 Ord om Livet” and I do believe we managed that. However, there were a lot of questions, and I answered them all, about politics, sports, society and personal subjects. I wasn’t too pleased when I saw the headline that drew direct attention to the fact that I left my job to be a fulltime writer. But then again, it is the truth, so why not?  

Unfortunately small articles as this one, are only published in the paper version of the newspaper, and not online. I’ve gotten my share of text messages today, from friends and family, and I even got congratulations from a stranger passing me on the way to my car. The attention is nice I only hope it will help my book to sell. 

The book is not yet in stores to buy, but it is available on several bookstores online. I was pleased to notice that my book-cover gets noticed, it kind of popes out a bit.

I’m looking forward to see and hold the book. Soon, soon, soon … or in a couples of weeks, that is. And I hope people will buy and read my poems. It’s so exciting and a bit scary….