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I wonder if the talented gentlemen Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden knew what they were starting, when they founded Skype in 2003. I mean, I just had a three way conversation with my sister in France and my dad in Norway, and the fact that we can speak and see each other, really prolonged the talk, without making it more interesting….No, I’m not being serious, but there is something to this.

Sometimes when we interact in our family, people overhearing tense to think about the Walkers in “Brothers & Sisters”. Tonight’s conversation was no exception, at one point I do believe the three of us kept five conversations alive at the same time…

My sister became a grandmother yesterday, and it was great to hear about the little new-born princess. At the same time, my dad had a lot of news, because of everybody who had called him in felicity of his new title as great grandfather. Me, I had maybe some news on my own, but I realized that I had to leave the main conversation to the two who had earned new titles.

Skype has really created a way of keeping family ties close, even when we live far away from each other. My sister sees my dad often and she is normally the one to tell him to get a haircut, even though she lives in the south of France. My dad on the other hand, thinks he speaks to his whole family, even though only one of us responds. There is no question about it; Skype is a great way to keep contact and to interact.

My cat Bajas has his own way of preforming the art of multitasking

The days I don’t like skype as much, are the days when I don’t feel like sitting down talking to my computer for a long time. I mean, I’m a multi-tasking person, and when I talk to family members using my cell phone, I do the dishes and some cleaning around the house, or I play packman, feeding the cats…. You get the picture… Not focusing on every detail during the conversation makes it easier to keep the conversation on, but when they see me leave their screen from time to time, it’s a bit revealing.

So the question remains, to Skype or not to Skype…

Cartoon from Google