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Yesterday my first book was sent to print! I’m so excited! Since the day in June I got the letter from the publishing house I’ve been in a surreal and dreamy state of mind, whenever I’ve been thinking of the book. And now, the manuscript is finished, corrected and displayed, and sent to printing.

My book is a book of poems, all stating something about life and feelings, and it has now the title “3898 ord om livet” which can translate to “3898 words of life.” My poems are about the many processes we go through living our lives.

To make the cover, I asked my very best friend to put on a nice pair of shoes and walk for me. Taking photos of her legs in the woods of Sweden was a funny experience. It was cold and windy, but I. was the perfect top model, and worked those shoes. When talking to the designer from the publisher, I asked if I could get a light green background. The result is actually so good; a great part of my dream came through when I saw the book cover.

The book will be available in bookstores in Norway in good time before Christmas, and I hope it will become an appreciated gift under the tree.  

You’ll hear more about my book when it comes from the print house, in about six weeks’ time. Until then; I’m still surfing on my happy wave on my way to reach my dream.