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Ever since I painted my old dresser and my bedroom chair in light green, I’ve been thinking on painting my kitchen chairs as well.

The big question was whether choose to repaint them in white, or do something more playful… There are choices in the store, I might ad.

Since my last redoing on my kitchen left my favourite room in a pink shade, I decided to keep up the pink spirit, and spray paint my chairs in this beautiful colour.

At first I set out to spray paint in my garden, but then it started raining. I washed the chairs outside, just in time to let them get wet by rain. So I moved everything inside again.

Then I realized the rain was extremely local, it rained in my garden and the sun was shining on the front port. So I started painting in front of my house, much to the amusement of my neighbours. Well, if they wanted entertainment, they got it from me today.

My next problem was the wind. I think I used more paint today, because a lot despaired; blowing in the wind. But the chairs got the right colour after a while.

I also got a black lantern for Christmas last year, which I really haven’t used, I didn’t love it. So, today it was time for the pink upgrading. 

At last I used the rest of the spray paint to paint an old frame. This is a picture with a blessing from a very good friend, which I love.  

The result was even better, and I smile whenever I see the little kitten thinking him being a lion. “What matter most is how you look at yourself”

And I have pink chairs in the kitchen…. and a pink lantern 🙂