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I’ve spent some days in Sweden, meeting up with some very good friends of mine. Saturday we celebrated Anita’s birthday by visiting beautiful Bjertorp Castle, north of Gothenburg. 

When the entrance to the area is lined with old beautiful trees like this, you just know you are in for a treat! 

This car fit right into the surroundings. 

When we entered the castle, I almost expected to meet Mrs Hyacinth Bucket, from “Keeping up the appearance”. She was not there, but Mr.Bear greeted us welcome, and was highly appreciated by the children.

The castle has extraordinary surroundings and the garden was so beautiful. After the two hour car drive, it was good for all of us to take a stroll, and enjoy the first day of autumn in these royal frames. 

We then proceeded with the birthday celebration, and enjoyed the traditional English afternoon tea, provided by the restaurant at Bjertorp castle.

The meal was delicious and perfect, supplied by some bubbly beverages and lively conversations.

Just a week ago, a film producing company wrapped up their work on the big screen movie “Hotell” using Bjertorp castle as their location. After spending Saturday afternoon here, we are all looking forward to see the film. And we might go back to visit the castle in December. Imagine the sight of the garden area covered with snow, and the inside of the castle decorated for Christmas!