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Saturday I went to the picturesque Posebyen. The northeast part of Kristiansand (south of Norway) is the remaining part after the big town fire in 1892. It has kept the original wooden houses, with one and two floors, that accommodated workers, workmen and people of humble means.

The street of Henrik Wergeland.

All the houses are facing the streets and have cozy windows, main entrances with stairs, iron fences, benches and flowers. The kitchen and bedroom are on the backside of the house and with a separate door to the backyard and the garden.

Skippergata – The street of the Skipper

Today this part of town is popular with both the locals and tourists who like to enjoy the sight of this beautiful part of Kvadraturen,  it’s worth taking a slow stroll around this pretty quarter, whose name was given by French soldiers who came to reposer (French for relax).

Every Saturday between June 16 and September 1 there is a market in Posebyen. There are stalls in the street and all kinds of products for sale. I found some real treasures there this time. From now on I serve my guests water from a shoe 🙂