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I’ve made it my goal to do something nice for somebody every day this month. I find myself waking up each morning with new and exciting ideas of things to do for others, and the rewards have been wonderful.

Today I stopped for gas, and I noticed an elderly lady struggling trying refuelling her car. I waited for a little while, and went over to her, offering to help.  She was so grateful! It turned out to be the first time she tried to buy petrol for the car, this had been a task her husband always had covered. With tears in her eyes, she told me quietly that after forty – two years of marriage, her husband died three weeks ago.  I was so glad I saw her need for help, and was able to guide her trough refuelling.

Then I went back to my car, refuelled it, and went indoors to pay. To my great surprise my tab had already been paid! 🙂