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Dear blogging friends, I apologize for this unusual blog post! But I do believe that writing about the Sigrid case can be a help in finding her, so I break away from my regular “fun” blogging. The blogging community is huge and world-wide so please help sharing this information on.

It is now over two weeks since Sigrid Giskegjerde Schjetne’s disappearance. The police have not released any new information, but there is now a reward for any information that can solve the mystery disappearance.

Up to 400 civilian volunteers have been searching for the missing 16-year-old who was last seen on Sunday August 5th at 12.15 am near her house at Østensjø, Oslo.

They have found her shoes and her cell phone, and her devastated parents made a television interview some days ago. Yesterday her friends started school again, without Sigrid. “Somebody must have seen something” was her mother’s plead on the news.

There is a site orginazing the volunteers at http://finnsigrid.no

My thought goes to her family and to the young girl. My thanks goes to all the volunteers. And to you, my fellow bloggers and blog readers: Please share this information on. “Somebody must have seen something” Thank you.