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It’s Sunday, and I met a little boy for the first time today.  Young Olav was born a week ago, and he is so cute. His mother is a great girl, even though we’re not close friends, I do consider her a friend, and it was so nice to see her with her new born child in her arms. When I came home, I sat down and wrote a little poem to little Olav, a little welcome.  

Other acts of kindness I’ve done today, have been paying compliments. Everyone needs to hear a nice word from time to time, even those among us that don’t seem to need anything. The reason I write this, is my experience of today. I met someone today, whom I think is beautiful and successful, and I can feel a little intimidated in her present. Her response of me complimenting her new hairstyle, tells me that my project of act of kindness is important.

Act as if what you do makes a different. It does! William James