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Yesterday I found my childhood dresser; I was eleven when I painted this blue and white. 

Now, thirty years later, my sister in law wanted it out of her house, and I was ever so happy to reclaim my first DIY project.

For some time now, I’ve been thinking of trying spray painting and thought this was a perfect opportunity.  After washing the old dresser, I used some sheets of strong paper coated with a layer of sand for smoothing. I got a slightly polish surface.

Since I’ve never tried spraying before, I needed something to practice on. I found this old shelf and had some fun. 

Then I graduated to the real task, and it was so fun. So rapid and the result were great.

I actually didn’t want to stop, so I painted the chair as well.

Painting outside in Norway, is always risky and it started raining just before I’d finished. Well, the weather made me stop painting, and moving everything inside.

I really satisfied with the result.

Since I’d painted the shell as well, I put it up, and I love my redecorated room. 🙂