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Sometimes I find myself with a great idea, and the time to be creative, just to meet my piece of art not exactly to my liking. Sound’s odd? Or familiar?

I tried to be creative with the pieces of my shopping life some time ago. I had cut up all my credit cards and I included them in an on-going painting with a humorous statement.  

I thought the idea was brilliant. However, I didn’t quite like my painting. I had it on my wall for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t feel the resonance I need to get from my art. So I took it down, and forgot about it.

Today I finally did something about it.

I’ve always thought it was the background colour I couldn’t stand, it was pink, all right, but not the shopping pastel pink I was going for at the start of the work. But I realized that I need the screaming pink background for my never – again- usable credit cards. By adding a dark blue sparkling paint on the silver letters, the statement popped out of my painting, and made my day.

Adding some blue and pink hearts as well, and my painting got the right look and feeling.

The final result is now on my wall, speaking to everybody that enters the room.

The reason I started working on this painting again, was also inspired of this cute little sign, which I know have placed under my painting.

Together, they speak my truth…

….or almost.

There should be one more sentence on the sign though;

except one!