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After reading the blog post My New Art Wall by Destashio, which was Freshly Pressed, I got so inspirited that I wanted a wall on my own.

The beautiful piece of the Great Wall of China by Lio Zu Lio, has been looking lonely for quite some time, and when I finished “Money talks”, which I wrote about earlier today, I was on my way in creating my own Wall of Art.

Here is my result.

My twin pieces are in green and purple. Painted in acrylic, the duo always takes my mind far away from trivial problems.

The only piece on my wall that I didn’t paint myself is this cute piece in autumn colours.  It’s a gift from my best friend Ingrid, and I keep thinking of good times shared, whenever I see it.

It suits my lovely mirror, which I actually bought when visiting Ingrid.

Under it, I’ve placed my “Golden Middle Way”.

The little canvas with some of my favourite words is a part of a fun collection I’ve done for some friends of mine. I kept this one, it was the first one I did, and it’s not as cute as the rest. There is something symbolic in keeping the first one…

My last piece is done in oil paint and scrapbooking techniques. The guitar and other parts of paper is taken from the magazine “Klar” that I mentioned I bought last week. (Random Act of Kindness, day 8)

The statement is a statement of life, and this wall is one of the direct results of such choices.

Thank you for your inspiration, Destashio!

Here is my new art wall. As you can see the wall has room for more and it’s definitely open to change. I love it!