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I’ve fallen a bit behind in my blogging these last days, so this post will be a résumé of the last four days. My project has been to do three act of kindness every day and this is really a fun project!

Friday, which was day 9, I worked ten hours on making a perfect photo book to my Dad, from the celebration of his 80th birthday. During the party, both I and my siblings were quite busy, so we kind of neglected the task of photography. When I told my Dad that we hadn’t really any photos from the party, he was disappointed and this has bothered me. I know how much he loves his photo books, and it goes without saying that he wanted one from his great birthday celebration. So I made some phone calls and collected photos from several guests. Luckily my friend Theresa had a quite new camera, so she’d made a lot of photos, trying out different possibilities.

The photo book is now ordered, and it contains 50 pages of great photos. He will be so surprised, and happy! 

Saturday I spent most of the day working on a stand at a local market, trying to sell Forever Living Products. It was a fun and sunny day, even though sales were a bit slow. It gave the opportunity to smile to a lot of strangers! And give away free samples of our products. Since I was trying to sell the same products, I doubt this can be categorised as a random act of kindness, but hey, the products are great, and I gave away around 40 test samples. I only sold 10 items, so there were at least 30 persons that got a free little gift of Aloe Vera this Saturday.

My Partner and Sponsor Benedicte at our stand Saturday

Sunday I went to celebrate a young friend of mine. She had her 15thbirthday, and we were about twenty guests. It’s a tree hour drive to get there, and since I was alone in my car, I used some of that time to call friends I hadn’t spoken to in a while. (With hands free iPhone, of course) The party was a success, the birthday girl was happy and the cakes delicious. My acts of kindness were a bit limited, but I did compliment tree other guests.

Photo Credit: luvinchess on Photobucket.

I stayed the night at my friends, and before I started on my way home, I wrote tree card to my friend, and sat them on tree random shells around her house. They will be nice surprises to her and her family, when they find them.