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My Handbags

Some of my beloved handbags

I admit it: When it comes to bags, I am a shopaholic. And maybe when it comes to shoes, as well, and accessories, and …… But that will be themes for later blog post.

Back to my bags: I recently help my Dad cleaning out some of the garage, and there I found a box containing some old toys of mine, including my first handbag. Being the youngest of four children, I started marking my stuff from an early age, as you can see I’ve written Ellen to the best of a tree year old ability…

My first bag

My first bag

Now, I don’t think that any of my brothers would have tried to take my bag, and my sister probably had one on her own, but I really think that I was around the age of tree, when I discovered the joy of possessing multiple handbags!

Multiple handbags

Feeling like a princess –

I know a lot of people, especially men, wonder why I need so many handbags; it’s clearly just possible to use one at the time…

My passion for handbags is not only in the use, even though I never leave my house without one. A handbag is so much more than a bag to carry your wallet and make up in. First of all, I know several persons, including me, that have our whole lives in the handbag of the day. When my sister comes with her huge and brilliant bag, my brother in law usually comments that “Here comes Ida and her apartment!”

I don’t usually buy that large handbags for myself, I like them a little bit smaller. (And I don’t have four children, my bags are all for me only) I have some of them, though, and they are great for a couple of days and useful for weekends away. My favourite is the white Donna Karan bag, which is one of the few designer bags that I own.

Donna Karen

DKNY – love it!

A handbag can of course be a fashion statement, and is that for most of us, at one or several points in our lives. I still feel the thrill when I dust off my first designer bag I bought at the age of fifteen.


Another DKNY – more my favourit size –

Having said that, I must admit, that for me there is so much more to the love of handbags and I’ve never been so particular focused at those designer handbags. This is of course also due to economy and the fact that I see so many bags that I just love, and feel the need to buy. It’s a choice, if you want to buy multiple handbags, you cannot buy only designer handbags.

My handbags are my souvenirs. Whenever I travel, I always end up buying a new handbag, and very often I don’t restrict myself to the one. That’s why I came home with eight bags from Dublin, and five from Rome.

Using handbags as souvenirs is brilliant. Whenever I use my blue big bag from Copenhagen, I think of all the fun I had there, and when I see my summarily multiple colour bag from Athen I think of the day we spent there before going off sailing for two weeks.

From Athen –

From Rome –

From Copenhagen –

Shopping for handbags abroad also prevent me from having the same handbags that everybody else have. They become a part of my unique style, and not everybody would feel comfortable carrying all of my bags. My first shoe bag is from Paris. I love it, and I’ve used it in several weddings and small handbag occasions.  I found my second shoe hand bag in Dublin, and yes, I have the matching pumps.

My Shoe Bag from Paris –

My Shoe Bag from Dublin –

My all-time favourite special handbag was also bought in Paris, not by me, but for me. My good friend Vegar, carillonist and shopping lover, saw this pink handbag in Paris several years ago, and bought it to me. The first time I ever used it, was when he had his carillon diploma concert at the City Hall of Oslo. It’s not an everyday bag, this I pull out for those special occasions.

My Water Can Bag from Paris –

Since we still are in summer season, my bag de jour is my pink Guess bag, and so it has been for weeks. I love it, and it’s just the right size for my life as it is, right now.

My passion for beautiful and unique handbags has taken me on some crazy shopping trips, and I wouldn’t have missed out on any of those occasions. And tips on the road, if you see a great handbag on your vacation, buy it! Or you might continue your life thinking of the one you left behind.