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I spent the morning with my Dad today, as a taxi driver, flower consultant, secretary and personal shopper. When I finally left him with his good friend, I went to the library to return some books that were overdue. While I was there I noticed an elderly lady a bit in distress. I spoke to her, and it turned out that she had come to the library to find a French newspaper she wanted to read, but she had left her reading glasses at home.  I’m glad I speak French fluently enough to be able to read an article on global warming. I also spoke with the librarian, so the “little French Lady” could go back home with a copy of the article she wanted. 

Going back to the car I met John, one of the many people among us that are struggling with drug addiction and who are trying to get a better life situation by selling “the street magazine”. I bought a magazine from him, of course. I think this is a great way to help, and it is a great magazine, with some really important articles.