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Yesterday I was up bright and early (on a Sunday!) and made my first Pavlova Cake! It was a scary and fun project and I had to be sure that it became presentable enough, that’s why the early start. Then I cooked lasagne for twelve people, made two bowls of salad and left my house by noon. My car was packed with everything, and I can assure you that I drove carefully. Didn’t want that lasagne to stain my car permanently…

Arriving at my Dads house, I found my brothers and their families at work, gardening. They had been working for hours, and were surprised by me, coming to feed them 🙂

At the end of the day, the garden looked great, and my Dad has now a view again, and we had a lovely meal together. It became a tree course meal, so I count that for my tree acts of kindness of the day… 🙂

And the Pavlova turned our great, and was finished. No leftovers here.