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There is nothing that can get me in a greater summer mood than great nail art. Today I found some old photos of my nails, done by professionals… The first photo shows my nails done in Benidorm, Spain. It was years ago, but wow, I still think they were great!

The second photo is actually from my visit to Egypt, a couple of years ago. Also a favourite. 

Today I met a woman with great nail art, and I just stopped her and complimented her. (I thought on my random act of kindness project, as well…) They were done as watermelons, and I’ve never seen this in real life. They were great. 

She was a tourist, from New York, and she just e-mailed me a promised picture of her nails in a strawberry style she had done earlier this summer. They were also great! Thanks Olivia, for letting me sharing 🙂

I couldn’t write this post on nail art for the summer without some serious work on my own nails, so this is what I’ve done this afternoon…

Thanks for the inspiration, Olivia, and all others who like to keep the summer on the tip of your fingers.