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Today have been a day were I haven’t accomplished too much, but I have tried to continue my project. I have actually written a postcard for my niece and her husband, I have to admit, I don’t write too many postcards these days.. So that was my first act of kindness today. And I did call my Dad, volunteering to make dinner Sunday, when he has invited my brothers and their families for dinner. But I don’t think that counts for an act of kindness for today, I’ll use it for Sunday 🙂

So; my second random act of kindness was to make a call to a friend, who really should have been the one to call… But who’s counting! I did it, and we had a nice chat, and will probably meet up next week.

My last random act of kindness was to a complete stranger. A woman asked me for money to buy coffee when I past her. Both she and I knew that she didn’t intend to buy coffee, and I find it hard to give money to help someone maintain a drug addiction. On the other side, this is a delicate problem, where there are no easy solutions. So I asked if she was hungry. She nodded, and I asked her to come with me to buy some lunch. She didn’t want to leave her spot, and declined. It took a bit of courage from me to go back to her, with two sandwiches and two sodas. But I did, and she accepted. We had lunch together, sitting on a bench, talking. She only stayed for ten – fifteen minutes, but she was grateful in her own way. Seeing her and talking to her, left me more humble and grateful for my own life. And I almost didn’t write about her in this post, since telling about her almost feels like invading her privacy. What started out as a random act of kindness became something else…