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My last post was all about me and my hurt feelings. I got kind support from several of my readers, and that made my day. It also made me think. I feel so lucky, to have this source of encouragement and support! My blog has really become my diary, were I can write about what I feel and think, what happened with me, around me, where I can post beautiful and fun pictures, and it has really prevented me for getting back in dark places. Eva Santiago commented on my blog yesterday, that writing keep her sane, and I so agree!

And then, I must say, I get a bit bored of myself and my feelings and thoughts,,, It can be a bit too much.  And a bit too much of a thing, is too much. (It’s also the name of a blog I follow)  So today, I’m giving myself a new challenge. I am a person who actually does a lot of kind things to other people, I know that. But a lot of the time, I do it, and I kind of don’t mean it from my heart. So this will be my challenge and change of improvement. I’m going to try to do tree random act of kindness to others every day for the rest of the month. They don’t have to be actions of extravagances, just kind, unexpected things to people who won’t expect it. Tree is maybe overkilling it, but I know myself, and if I say one, all I have to do is to call my Dad,,,, and I will do that, but what I really want to do, is change my prospective a bit.

So here we go:

Today my random act of kindness were to

1         Help my Dad with his computer, his cell phone and his phone. And I went grocery shopping with him, he doesn’t drive anymore. So today he was able to by all the juice and beverages he wanted.  This took some time, I was gone for four hours, but knowing that he has everything he needs in the house, and his phones and computer works, so he is happy and content, has a reward I only can describe as relief and joy.

2         My second act of kindness was towards my neighbour, who I don’t really know, but who came walking in the direction of the nearby grocery shop. Thinking about the rain which was about to restart, I stopped and asked if he needed a lift. He was a bit confused at first, after all, I came from the opposite direction, but he was happy to get a lift to the shop, and when he understood that my intention was to wait for him, he was surprised and did his shopping fast. I was home about twenty minutes later than I would have been otherwise, and I know a bit more about my neighbour… and he didn’t have to get wet to buy his milk, bread and butter.

3         My third random act of kindness will be to send a text message to a good friend of mine that I know is going true some difficulties. I know that she won’t be up for any visitors yet, but I think that some kind words in a text message can be just what she need. And what I need to give her 🙂

I wish you all a great day and evening.