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I’m sitting here, with a big lump in my throat, and I’m afraid to burst into tears any minute. And that’s okay, I could cry, but when I think about why I’m upset now, I get angry as well. Why is it okay for some people to say anything they want, just to be funny. I really got hurt tonight, it was probably insignificant for everybody else, but to me, it was devastating. Who hurt me; a man I hardly know…, He is the brother of a friend of mine, so I meet him occasionally at family dinners at my friend’s house. Tonight I was really his target, he needed to make fun of someone, and he chose me… He knew something about my situation, and he asked me about it, and I answered truthfully.  Then he made fun of me in front of the whole family. Oh, I should probably pity him; he must be so insecure to use my situation, but right now, I’m hurt. It’s also painful that nobody intervened. Why didn’t my friend say something to her brother?

I know, I’m being emotional and I should probably just move on, and tell myself that he is a jerk, and I shouldn’t bother thinking about this anymore… But it’s easier said than done. I know, I need to get over this and myself, and just laugh it away.  And that’s why I try to write myself out of my painful feelings… When I’ve finished this blog post, I’m probably feeling better about this, right?

I found this statement; I wish I believed this strongly.

Hmmm, I think I need to get my mind off this,,, so I’ll watch an episode of “Pride and Prejudice”.