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I must admit it I’m one of those that actually thought that we would have a nice summer this year… And yes, we have had some nice days in between, but no consistency! So instead of sitting in the garden or at the beach, enjoying the sun I’ve found myself doing a lot of other activities:

1         GARDENING

Since my garden furniture has not been used this summer, I’ve had the pleasure of cleaning it several times this season. And since the rain has been pouring down several times during a week, the fact is that a simple task of cutting the grass has become a science, when to cut, how to cut wet grass, and so on. I have failed to complete the task though, even me, the routine person, has failed. You see, I usually poor myself a glass of wine after cutting the grass, in normal summer seasons. Since the weather has postponed my duties of cutting grass, I’ve gone directly to the glass of wine…

2         SHOPPING

It’s a well-known fact, that when summer is bad, the shopping malls get higher income. Several families tend to spend the majority of their vacation in the activity of shopping, instead of enjoying a nice day at the beach, the park, the cabin… When the sun disappears, the hidden credit cards get maxed out. Since I’ve enjoyed a long vacation this year, my credit card maxed out weeks ago.  Well, I stick to my shopping routine with the girlfriends, even though I don’t do any shopping anymore… You see, we always go to a bar to end the shopping spread. So I’ve just started to go directly to the bar… Nothing’s like a Cosmopolitan with the girlfriends after some summer shopping.

3         GET VISITORS

Well, this is not exactly a sunless summer activity; I always get visitors during the summer holiday. The x-tra activity by having visitors that you can’t accompany to the beach, to the park, to the cabin, because of the bad weather, tend to imply a lot of visits to amusement parks, were we all can enjoy a rainy day which imply that most of the fun stuff to do is closed due to security reasons. We usually end up in a tent and hope to find some ice-cream for the kids, and adult beverages, at least for me. Yesterday I was singing my way home… 


Well, I stole this one from my friend Nina, who said that she’d never seen so many programs on television… For me, that’s not the case, since all the rain plays into action with my parabola antenna and causes a black screen at my house. But I agree with Nina, who said that she and her husband had gotten into the habit of drinking some wine, while they followed the series… I’ve been excluded of following the series, but the wine part is done!


I know many of you have been active in redecorating rooms this summer. This is an activity that I often think of as a winter activity, or autumn,, I mean, redecorating the living room before Christmas, so that the colours just coordinate with your favourite ornaments, with some early Christmas music in the background, zipping to a deep red wine… It’s a winter activity! Decorating in the summer season should be limited to the outdoors areas, and topped with some chilled champagne in a nice sunny garden… Well, as mentioned under Gardening, there have not been many occasions of using the garden this season. The champagne and dark red wine have not been excluded, though.