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Some of you might remember that I did a Front Porch Stair Makeover. The Makeover was actually last summer, but I only blogged about it some weeks ago. The result was better than I imagined, and I was very content with the tips from this great site www.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com

During the winter, snow and ice have made their marks, and this rainy weather we have endured these last months, did manage to leave my Front Porch Stairs less clean and posh.

So yesterday I decided it was time to graduate my makeover to step 2; applying a dark wood stain. Wood stains can be purchased in a multitude of colors to match or contrast your decor. My choice was a dark shade of grey, almost black, to create a contrast to my white house.

New wood normally requires less stain because the wood grain is more tight. Old wood is more porous because of the weathering it has sustained. Ideally staining new wood will take far less preparation than staining old wood flooring. And knowing me and my impatience of getting started, you might imagine that I went straight to the applying the stain.

Ideally a dry slightly windy day is preferable for quickly drying the stain on the wood floor. This is the reason I never got around to do this last year, we didn’t have nice enough weather. Finally the  temperature was right, and no rain in sight. I was using a waterborne deck stain for my porch project, and I could see the stain sinking into the new wood on my porch. This is an exterior deck stain that should last for years. After the first coat, the result wasn’t brilliant.

I waited to the next morning to apply the second coat and I was planning not to walk on the porch floor until hours later. However, someone else had a different plan.

So last night I applied a third coat! Not only because of Balthazar and Bajas’ little trip, but also because I wanted an even darker shade.

The final result: