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I stumbled upon a site that was talking about front porch stairs and these statements and questions appealed to my bad conscience: “What if porch steps weren’t taken for granted? Most porch steps are built for function rather than beauty. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if your steps were designed to complement your home and add both interest and curb appeal?

Porch stairs can be built to make a statement, to make a small porch appear larger, and make accessibility easier and visually appealing.” www.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com

They are so right… So finally I got the inspiration I needed to do something about my own front porch.

Here are the “shocking” before pictures:

One of the tips from the site was – Make them as wide as possible. It will make a small porch seem larger, a large porch more grand, and will so often enhance the look of any home.

Having followed this advice, I have to agree… I love the outcome!

Later this summer I will provide my new front porch stairs with a dark stain, but for the moment I’m enjoying the natural and clean look…