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I’ve been without a computer the last ten days, which has been really frustrating,,, And before you think that I’ve been on a lonely island web-wise, let me assure you that I am grateful for my smartphone, and mr. Iphone has been saving the day, every day.

A month ago, I joined a good friend of mine; Benedicte, at a meeting for Forever Living Products. The information about the waste product line of Forever was great, and I thought I this sounded almost too good to be true. So, I had to try. And I’m sold… and now selling products from Forever!

The thought of starting every day with a shoot of Aloe Vera Gel, seemed scary and almost repulsing at the start.  But after a couple of days, my body reacted very naturally on this new routine of mine. I’m now enjoying the benefits of Aloe Vera in tree healthy varieties of fresh, stabilized aloe vera gel – Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Berry Nectar and Forever Bits n’ Peaches. The primary ingredient of all three varieties is pure Aloe Vera fillet gel from the centre of the leaf.

Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant. Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Gel is as close to the real thing as you can get.

The miraculous aloe leaf has been found to contain more than 200 compounds.   A product of Forever’s patented aloe stabilization process, the gel is favoured by those looking to maintain a healthy digestive system and a natural energy level.

The first to receive certification by the International Aloe Science Council, this rich cocktail of pulp and liquid authenticates this product just as nature intended. Taken daily, either alone or mixed with pure fruit juice, it is one of the best health drinks available!

My favourite of the three, Aloe Berry Nectar, contains all of the goodness found in our Aloe Vera Gel, plus the added benefits of cranberry and apple.

Besides their reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, cranberries provide a high content of vitamin C. They are also a natural source of healthful proanthocyanidins. Apple juice contains many flavonoids as well as pectin.

You can drink Aloe Berry Nectar with meals or alone. The delicious flavour is totally natural, prepared from a blend of fresh cranberries and sweet, mellow apples. Fructose (a natural fruit sugar) sweetens it just enough to please both adults and children alike.

The third option of this “health on a bottle” is called Forever Aloe Bits N’ Peaches. A taste sensation like no other: pure chunks of aloe vera bathed in the flavour of sun-ripened peaches. Forever Aloe Bits N’ Peaches provides another great taste to enjoy with its 100% stabilized aloe vera gel and just a touch of natural peach flavour and peach concentrate.

For many centuries, people all around the world have used aloe vera for its health benefits. The addition of peaches provides carotenoids – valuable as antioxidants and a source of vitamin A. They are also essential for maintaining the proper function of the immune system.

Bits N’ Peaches offers many healthful ingredients – all packed into a great-tasting drink.

I use the drinks to provide me with the benefits of the aloe vera, and I take a small shoot glass every morning. But you really have different choices; pour over ice or mix with fruit juice, and enjoy the delightful taste of nature’s bounty any time of the day!

NOTE: The statements contained in this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent a specific disease or class of diseases. You should consult your family physician if you are experiencing a medical problem.

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