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My colleagues had organized a far-well dinner for me, since I’ve quit my day-time job to write fulltime. Before I met my “up-until-a-week-ago colleagues#, I went to my favourite place to do my nails, Parfymelle Syrdalen. Lovely Eva used her great artistic abilities, and made my nails in to shades of purple. Since she had some time on her hand, she also did my makeup, so when I met up with my girls, I felt fabulous!

I did not leave Parfymelle Syrdalen Parfymeri before I’d done some shopping:  the two nail polish in purple,  a lip gloss, and the cutest perfume ever. Look at this flacon. I actually had plans of giving it to a fourteen year old girl this Sunday, but I’m keeping it!

Dinner was great, we ate at the newley reopened restaurant Ruffen, and then some of us (those who now slowly are adapting a more bohemian lifestyle..)  went to salsa night at Pollen Bar. While some of my friends were dancing, I must admit, I was staying in the crew that enjoyed some cocktails. 

Cosmopolitan is still my all-time favourite.

And Moses at Pollen Bar made them perfect. It’is kind of difficult to make this drink top notch, a lot of bartenders don’t add the right amount of Cointreau and lime, and the drink get sticky.

But Moses came down from the mountain,,,, or flew in from London, and made us some great Cosmopolitans tonight!

Bestsellers of the night (and day)