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Did you have a ballerina music box when you grew up? I did, I got it for my seventh birthday, and it was my treasure box for years. I realise now, that with all the pink girl décor you can have in a little girl’s room, the ballerina box will probably just be one of many things girls today have in their room. But in the 70ties, there were not many of us that had access to any pink accessories, especially for the room. The colours of the hour were yellow, orange, brown and red, certainly not pink. I remember I cut out the pink labels from my mums perfume ads, and when we redecorated the living room, I was happy when my dad came home with a lot of samples for the paint, because there were several pink little squares, and I cut them all out, and kept them in my ballerina music box.

Maybe it is the lack of pink in my childhood that enforces my love for pink even today?

Anyway, I loved my little ballerina music box, and it stands for me as the treasure holder of my childhood. My beautiful white stone from the beach near Narbonne was stored in the box; the same was my first earrings and a broken collier I got from my friend. I also had a little silver spoon, with William Shakespeare on, which my friend Caroline had sent me from Stratford upon Avon. Later, the box had my first little love poem in it, and the name of the boys I thought were cute. And even later, it had the code for my visa card and the combination for my suitcase.

The box followed me around for years, and the ballerina was magical.