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With the devastating reports from Toulouse these last days, I’ve had my thoughts drawn back to the attack of July 22nd. Being a proud aunt of great young people living in Toulouse and the surrounding area, I’ve been afraid and concerned. When the news of the Toulouse killer’s death came today, I felt relieved that the drama was over. However, we all know that the families that have lost one of their own have just started a difficult journey, one that can only be done by taking one day at the time.

My heart bleeds for the innocent people that had to die, because of one man’s terrible actions. And to their families, that have had their life changed forever.

Please accept our condolences.

When the terrorist attacked our young people eight months ago, we were devastated, and we still are struggling with these terrible actions. On this day, eight months after, I would like to share a video that a good friend of mine sent me a link to.

With love!